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Apple Vs Samsung

The Apple v Samsung saga has been one of the main talking points in the tech world for some time now. It feels like a never ending battle for superiority , one I feel will continue for some time to come. Apple for now seem to be winning this eternal battle . But how correct was the verdict?    Has Samsung been short changed?  Can anyone really copy a rectangle? I decided to take a look.

So was the decision to Make Samsung pay the astronomical sum of over $1billion to Apple correct?  Well in the humble opinion of this writer ...no it wasn't correctI see this as the legal system gone mad. Apple did not invent the phone, they did not invent the touch screen.  They were the first to popularize the touch screen mobile yes, but I don't think that gives them the right to try and monopolize the industry by beating down the competition with the might of their lawyers.  

What is the outcome of the lawsuits, for me you and everyone else? Well apples competition will become increasingly scared of becoming the next in the firing line. So lets be honest, it's going to hamper genuine innovation which is bad for progress . Also with the massive $1billion outlay you have to expect Samsung to try and recoup some of the money they lost which in turn will drive prices up. And with the already spiraling prices we have encountered already, this is not good for me and you.

Finally did Samsung copy Apple?  In some ways they probably did, but the same can be said for Apple . And hundreds of other products and company's  throughout the world. I believe both companies are as bad as each other .For example in ios 5 Apple introduced a notification center that is pulled down from the top of the screen . This is a feature android has had from day one. But on the other hand when apple brought Siri out in ios5 it made android take a look at its own speech recognition program (which it had before apple) but ill ignore that for now. Siri forced android to copy it when they released Google now/voice in androids latest update android 4.1.

All in all when you look at all this only one outcome is certain. That is me you and everyone else will suffer with a lack of innovation and a price hike's.


Want to chat?.

Facebook messenger for Android updates to 1.9.003 bringing some nice changes 

New features include 

-The ability to add smileys, hearts and other emoji in messages                                                         -click persons name at the top of your conversation to view their Facebook timeline          -better ability to see who's active                                                                                                   -other bug fixes 



3...2...1... We have lift off 

NASA prepares to launch RBSP probes .

Watch live on NASA tv  http://www.nasa.gov/multimedia/nasatv/index.html


Samsung galaxy s 3 gets some jelly bean love 

 The latest in a line of firmware leaks from SamMobile comes the very first android 4.1.1 leak for the t-mobile variant . The version is T999UVDLH3. For people who know how and want to get a sneak peak at the final product , give it a try.

Head over to SamMobile website for download.



Microsoft's new logo 

Earlier today Microsoft unveiled their new logo.  Needless to say that it's had a mixed reception, I happen to think it looks professional modern and simple.  


Sleeping Dogs Review

The latest release from publisher Square Enix comes sleeping dogs. It tells a gritty story of lies , divided loyalties and ruthless violence. You Play undercover cop Wei Shen drafted in from the San francisco police to go undercover to  help take down the infamous sun on ye . one of Hong Kongs deadliest gangs.   Originally developed by Activision who stupidly let the franchise go . Sleeping dogs were picked up by Square Enix who has turned it into one of the best games in its genre. 


Sleeping Dogs isn't the best looking game you will ever see. But does a good job to immerse you into life in Hong Kong.  The streets are filled with people and shops which really helps you feel the hustle and Bussel of Hong Kong with endless rows of neon lights stretching as far as the eye can see , which looks amazing at times. In this environment driving is a delight with the glow of the neon blurring as you whiz by. The main visual drawbacks are some texture pop in and stiff character models especially in the cut scenes. But none of which takes too much away from the overall effect. 

 Sound is also superb with rich sounds coming from all around . You really feel the city is alive . The voice acting is also second to none with such stars lending their voices as the gorgeous Emma stone .An interesting blend of English and Chinese this helps the authenticity .


Another strength of sleeping dogs is the gameplay. Which covers hand to hand combat ,gun play and driving . I'll start with hand to hand because it it where the main focus on gameplay lies . Square Enix has really cracked it with the batman Arkham city counter attacking style timing . Rather than having to memorize lots of tedious combos. Before long you will be taking down hordes of enemies in brutal style. Talking about brutal, the environmental take downs are a real treat. Smashing enemies face's into air conditioning blades or setting someone on fire.  They rarely get old or repetitive . Driving mechanics are also superb with the arcade feel. It provides a real thrill weaving in and out of traffic at 100mph. My only gripe is the wonky camera angles you're sometimes faced with. Which can get annoying at times especially in close spaces. But again small problems like this doesn't detract from the overall experience.


The world of sleeping dogs is a vast one . The recreation of Hong Kong although not entirely faithful to the real city is still 

Vast and filled with detail. And with this comes with a huge amount of things to do and side missions to complete . 

Which will keep you coming back long after the main story is over. Not that the main story is short you're looking at 

A good 15-20 hours gameplay . Gameplay that is fast paced and will keep you on the edge of your seat the thought 

The whole ride. All in all sleeping dog's story is excellent with twists and turns and great characters .


 Sleeping dogs truly stand out as a superb game . The impressive story captures you and doesn't let you go. This is one game ill be 

Playing for a long time to come.


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